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Montana United is a premier team of Montana soccer players in the age range of 16-18 formed in 2009 with the following objectives:

  • Field a competitive Montana soccer team to compete outside of the club and high school seasons
  • Provide a format to expand soccer friendships around the State
  • Give competitive Montana players an opportunity to
    • advance soccer skills
    • compete at a higher level (out-of-state, regional)
    • train with experienced coaching staff
    • gain exposure on a regional basis
    • pursue collegiate level positions
  • Encourage participants of younger ages to have a vision of their own athletic potential

The team is affiliated with the US Club Soccer organization.  

The Montana United program is lead by a directorship committee made up of parents of current players.  The committee is limited to members who live throughout the state of Montana. This committee provides direction, plans activities including training sessions and tournament selection, selects the coaching staff and calls upon other interested volunteers when needed to help fulfill the program objectives.

Coaching resources are provided from a pool of eligible and qualified individuals.   Coaches are selected by the directorship committee.

Players are selected on the basis of age, ability, position, attitude, behavior and level of commitment.  The coaching staff holds evaluations, as necessary, and maintains a roster of approximately 20 players.  Additional guest players will be invited to participate as necessary.

The focus of the team is 1) to improve competitive level skills and 2) utilize such skills in out-of-state and regional tournaments.  Practice sessions are held on a periodic basis, as determined by the coaching staff and directorship committee in order to provide training and tactical opportunities in advance of scheduled tournaments.   

Player and family expectations are as follows:

  • Attend periodic training sessions
  • Attend scheduled tournaments
  • Comply with program plans, schedules, deadlines, and travel rules
  • Promote the Montana United team, where possible
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